This brilliant cliffside home isn’t for those afraid of heights

It’s the kind of property you’d imagine a real-life Tony Stark would live in – cliffside mansion by day, superhero hideout by night.

Alex Hogrefe of Design Distill sketches illustrations of architects’ design plans for a living. Today we look at one of his own concepts: a cliffside retreat of acrophobia-inducing proportions.

The structure looks futuristic and minimalist, consisting of unpretentious sharp-edged exteriors, large bare walls, and wide windows offering ocean views and letting plenty of natural light in.

We agree with J.D. Digiovanni’s description of it as a “spaceship that got stuck in a rock formation,” and we love the contrast of the glass with the surrounding rocks.

Can you imagine the kind of cocktail parties you can have on those balconies?

For more photos of the concept, click the link below. And be sure to visit Alex Hogrefe’s website for more of his work.