Couple sues town after being stalked by someone known as ‘The Watcher’

Big house, white picket fence, a Golden Retriever, and free unwanted surveillance – the American Dream? Westfield, New Jersey – Derek and Maria Broaddus are living out a Hollywood horror script.

It all started back in June 2014 when the couple purchased their six-bedroom suburban home for over AUS$1.7 million (US$1.2 million). Three days into the move, they received a letter from someone who self-identified as ‘The Watcher’ – and the letter’s content was unnerving to say the least:

“Have [the children] found what is in the walls yet? In time they will. I am pleased to know your names and the names now of the young blood you have brought to me,” wrote The Watcher.

“All the windows and doors allow…me to watch you and track you as you move through the house…I am in charge of [the house].”

The family of five postponed the move out of concern, and demanded answers from the previous owners who reportedly knew of The Watcher but failed to disclose any information.

“The Watcher claims his family has watched over the house for over two decades. His grandfather watched in the 1920s, and his father in 1960s. The Watcher says it is “now [his] time,” wrote Hope Schreiber.

Fast forward to 2017, and the Broadduses have left the home. A tenant moved in last February, and a fourth “more sinister” letter has since arrived, thickening the plot.

It seems the home hasn’t escaped The Watcher’s, erm, watch.

An attempt to demolish the house and replace it with two new ones was rejected by the planning board/neighborhood residents, hence the new lawsuit at hand attempting to rescind the decision.

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Now, if all this reads to you like it was made for the movies, you’re not alone in thinking that.

Certainly, there have been too many thriller storylines over the years. That 2000 Keanu Reeves flop might also ring a bell, and then there’s this more recent take on the same narrative.

But some are saying the whole thing’s a scam, that the couple intends to subdivide the property with the hope of selling it to a developer.

Whatever the case, the whole thing sounds like so much trouble to go through, and someone may not be telling the whole truth. What do you think?

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