Sculptor makes beautifully grotesque art that look like human skin

Italian artist Francesco Albano creates mind-bending realistic models of melting flesh, bone, and viscera that look like a Salvador Dali painting rendered into three dimensions.

Based in Istanbul, Albano has been on the art scene for almost 20 years and was recently the subject of a short film by director Cansin Sağesen. In the three-minute documentary, Albano describes how his work is born out of ‘childhood urgency’ and a drive to manipulate, play, and experiment with materials.

There’s nothing child-like about his sculptures, however, which are fully capable of inspiring nightmares in even the most stoic adult.

Walking into an Albano exhibition feels like stumbling into a dystopian torture chamber after the knives, pincers, and blowtorches have done their job and all that’s left is the remains. What appears to be human skin, teeth, bones, and genitalia, melt across the floor or drip from grimly suspended birdcages.

The intent is not only to shock viewers but to also show that our modern way of life can be irreparably damaging, leading to both physical and psychological collapse.

The skin is a barrier between our inner selves and the external world. So by creating art that mimics human skin emptied of innards, Albano is depicting the aftermath of “societal pressures and psychological violence on the human body.”

Find out more about Albano and his work here.