This Uber driver drove her BF’s side chick to his place and things got crazy

Here’s a story that’s worthy of a five-star review. Recently in Florida, an Uber driver named Bree found out her man was cheating on her. How exactly? Well, she picked up a female passenger who wanted to get dropped off at the same man’s house! PLOT TWIST!

In a series of tweets Bree sent out just after the incident, she detailed how it all went down with her boyfriend (now ex) and his side chick.

Grab some popcorn. It’s gonna be a wild ride (pun intended).

DAMN, right? After the incident, the dude requested that Bree return the other woman’s luggage. Bree, however, wouldn’t have it. In fact, she even took a liking to the side chick’s sunglasses.

“But whyyyyyyyyyyy,” Bree texted, to which the ex replied, “I was bored I’m sorry it wasn’t worth it.”

She replied back: “I’m bored too I’m headed to the beach with new shades this actually worked out pretty well for me…”

In an interview with Complex, Bree revealed that the mistress filed a police report about her stolen luggage.

“So, what I told them, ‘cause she has no proof that I have her things, was ‘I do believe somebody left something in my car when they came to my job’, and it was a bag. A trash bag, basically, is what I gave them. Her luggage — what luggage?”

She also added that no charges have been filed against her – just a complaint file.

“If something else happens, the police officer let me know that it would be civil. She would have to press charges and go to court. But she can’t press charges against me! She charged at me first.”

And her Uber career? She said she’s no longer working for the company after the woman gave her a one-star review and sent a complaint to the company. No worries though, it was only Bree’s second day of trial anyway.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the woman now known as #UberBae, is now available.