The wait is over: you can now eat delicious insect pasta

We all know that statistic, the one where we each apparently eat eight spiders per year. But would you eat something that contains insects knowingly?

A start-up out of Nebraska, USA, is experimenting with insect pasta. Specifically, the company is trying to include as many crickets it can in a pasta which still tastes good and cooks properly.

Basically, insects are actually really good for you and can give you some of the nutrition we desperately need. They are high in protein, healthy fats as well as vitamins and minerals.

But even if they might rank high in the nutrition stakes, they are still seen to be pretty disgusting by many. Myself included.

The company, known as Bugeater, are continuing to experiment with crickets in their food products and have even been backed by the US government who handed them $100,000 to find new ways to make insects into a safe and healthy food products.

Knowing what you know now about nutrition, would you become a bug eater?