Two feminist artists have made a book with selfies banned from Instagram

Ever wondered what can get your photo banned from Insta? Wonder no further.

Artists Arvida Bystrom and Molly Soda have teamed to release a book which celebrates the revealing images which don’t get past Instagram’s stringent filtering process.

The book, which is appropriately called ‘Pics or it didn’t happen: images banned from Instagram,’ is a joint venture between the two prominent online feminists which explores censorship in cyber space as well as the politics of the human body in contemporary online discourse.

In order to gather images for the book, the two put out a call on Instagram and were flooded with submissions from a number of artists.

The book was released just in time for International Women’s Day and provides a really poignant perspective on the politics of the human body in 2017.

The arbitrary and sometimes inconsistent censorship imposed by Facebook has come under fire before, so the book allows an important debate about just what we should be allowed to see on social media.

Via i-D Vice