Artist recreates portraits of his ancestors by transforming himself into them

Peruvian artist Christian Fuchs has created a series of works wherein he recreates centuries old family photos and portraits.

Yep he’s in them, posing as his ancestors both male and female.

We will file this one somewhere between interesting and creepy.

The artist studies every detail of the old images so that he can accurately reflect them. Everything from clothes, to accessories, to facial expressions are recreated in painstaking detail.

He uses these works to learn more about his genealogy and basically sees them as a way to reconnect with his roots and honour his forefathers.

According to Fuchs himself, he is aiming to recreate moments using his body as a vehicle to do so.

“In order to accomplish this, I use costumes and characterisation, I let my hair or beard grow, I shave; I perform all the necessary acts in order to appear as close as possible to the character I am going to play.”

Apparently, his interest in his family heritage emerged when his mother went into psychiatric care and following his abandonment by his father at the age of 10.

We could all benefit by learning a bit more about our family tree – but perhaps few of us thought we needed to go that far.