Featured Image for New York food show presents weird combinations to rival the Japanese

New York food show presents weird combinations to rival the Japanese

Looks like the Western food industry is keen on catching up with the Japanese craze for amazingly weird products.

New York’s Summer Fancy Food Show is North America’s largest specialty food trade event and probably the only one of its kind with the most attendance in the world. Only last year it welcomed almost 50,000 hungry visitors.

The convention has over 2,000 exhibitors, industry panels, and enough free samples to ruin your carb count for a month. Specialists laud it as being the birthplace of the food trends of the future. Usually, new products that are well received by attendees hit supermarkets and shops a year later.

We generally think of the Japanese as the kings of bizarre, and more so when it comes to food. Just for starters, their Häagen-Dazs branch offers salty butter biscuit and English tea flavoured ice cream. I mean, come on!

And we all know they eat curry doughnuts and wasabi beer over there…

But the big apple’s specialty event of 2016 showcased some amusing new food that can rival our friends in the Land of the Rising Sun.

For example, the 2016 convention saw chocolate flavoured hummus. Say what? Salted bagels? Check. Beet yogurt? They had that too. Yogurt with lentil topping? Yup, such a thing exists.

Somebody also came up with – wait for it – Chipotle cherry beef jerky bars! And let’s not forget the Black Bean and Garlic Tortilla Chips and irresistible Pretzel and Maple bacon spreads.

The 2017 food show will be held on June 25 to the 27th at Javits Center NY. Registration is currently open.

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