This penis seat on a Mexican train is a strangely powerful statement about sexual assault

A men’s only seat on public transport in Mexico has caused quite a stir but not for the reasons you may think.

The seat is actually a bust of a man complete with a flaccid penis.

The strange sight is all about a campaign by the Mexican government to create awareness about sexual assault.

65 per cent of women saying they have been sexually harassed while using public transport – ranging from cat calling and groping to more serious physical assaults like rape.

Women are also reportedly scared of reporting such incidents to authorities.

So what is the overall point of the risqué seat?

The message of the campaign is that the seat is uncomfortable and awkward for men to sit on but it’s nothing compared to what women in Mexico have to put up with each day.

This is the official tag line: “It’s uncomfortable to sit here, but it doesn’t compare with the sexual violence that women suffer in their everyday lives,”

Not surprisingly, most men have gone out of their way not to sit on the seat while those that have done it without realising quickly jump up in shock.

It’s not the first campaign the government has conducted to help women. An undercover all-female police unit has been tried in an attempt to catch would-be perpetrators red-handed.