This new tattoo ink can glow and can even sync with your smartphone

If you’ve ever wanted to be Tinkerbell and spend your time sparkling, your time may be coming.

Okay, you won’t be lit with magical fairy dust, but this light-up ink is pretty close to magic – or at least some pretty high-tech advancements.

Tattoo enthusiasts are developing light-up tattoos. No, they’re not your average glow-in-the-dark tats – they’re so much more. The tattoos are an electronic system which syncs with your phone. The tattoo is linked to a micro-controller where you can control your phone by bending, arching, and touching the tattoo.

You could theoretically take sneaky photos of your crush my tapping the tattoo on your hand… yeah it’s a little Black Mirror-style creepy.

The tattoos can be applied similarly to a temporary tattoo and wear off within days.