In China, parks are using tech to stop people from wasting toilet paper

A park in Beijing has gone to the extraordinary length of installing facial recognition software to prevent the pilfering of poo paper.

The software recognises your face as you make your application for the critical commodity and distributes you a measly metre of paper.

The park is apparently planning to upgrade from a one-ply to a two-ply sheet, presenting toilet users with an interesting conundrum. Whether to peel the sheet in half and go for more length or keep the dual ply and opt for comfort.

Thankfully, the park representatives are not sadists and will provide more paper for park patrons in desperate situations.

“If we encounter guests who have diarrhea or any other situation in which they urgently require toilet paper, then our staff on the ground will directly provide the toilet paper,” they said.

If you are unfortunate enough to require a second amount of paper, you are forced to wait nine minutes before you can receive another allocation.

Officials have stated that the toilets at the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, can lose up to 30 rolls of toilet per day to theft.

Critics of the new system, however, argue that it has a more sinister purpose of recording the locations of dissidents and using the facial recognition information to track and capture them.

The Chinese are the original inventors of toilet paper, its use dating back to the 14th century, and so this represents another chapter in a long history of toilet paper innovation.

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