We had a crack at Heineken’s insane Heineken Saturday ticket giveaway that had Melbourne buzzing

Ticket giveaways are usually a dull affair. 25 words or less about this, give us all of your personal information that…

But Heineken’s come in and changed the game with what I feel fairly comfortable saying, is the best and most elaborate ticket giveaway this country has ever seen.

I’d heard buzz that Olena from The Bachelor (huge fan, not even embarrassed to admit it, to be honest) had been *virtually* transported around the country in these movable panels giving Heineken Saturday tickets away to lucky punters.

So I headed down to Southern Cross Station to try to land me some sweet, sweet tix to Heineken Saturday where Rudimental and Hayden James are putting on a hell a party at the 2017 Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix.

Turns out it wasn’t easy as I thought.

You don’t just rock up, say G’day to Olena, and go on your merry way with tickets – you’ve gotta sing for your supper.

In order to land a spot at Heineken Saturday, you have to dig deep into your bag of party tricks and prove to her that you’re worthy of taking your place at the big bash.

It really is amazing to see what people will do for free tickets.

I saw a policeman prove that he could lick his elbow with his tongue (impressive, sure – but not a crucial skill for a policeman I would’ve thought…), some poor guy punched out 50 pushups and countless Adele fans tried their best at nailing ‘Hello’ – and I’ll be honest here, there’s a reason that they’re the ones paying money to see her, and not the one under the spotlight.

As the minutes ticked by and I tried to summon the courage to have a crack, the crowds kept building and building as a sort of impromptu Australia’s Got Talent competition began to form.

Eventually, I plucked up the courage.

My strategy was risky, but I needed to go big or go home:

I reached deep into my bag of terrible jokes and pulled out the most nauseating, cringe-inducing, groanworthy dad joke I could find to see if I could bag me some of those tickets.

Watch the video below to see how I went!

While it was an incredible project, and a hell of a lot of fun, what I thought was probably the coolest thing about the whole experience was watching that ad-hoc sense of community develop around the panel.

Strangers came together to cheer each other on and patting each other on the back for proving their worth in public!

Train stations are usually just people pushing past each other while staring down at their phones, so it was pretty great to stop for a few minutes and actually have some fun together.

Heineken is turning Melbourne into a playground for the 2017 Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix. Heineken Saturday on March 25th is set to be an absolute belter with Rudimental, Hayden James bringing the beats and the famous Heinegarden dishing up incredible food and drinks for the big day. Find out all the details at the Facebook page and we’ll see you there on Saturday!