Meet the Aussie Kardashians that have racked up millions of Instagram followers

In the early 2000s it was all about Paris Hilton, then in the 2010s it was all about Kim Kardashian – and whatever her sisters are called. As we edge closer to 2020, the Gold Coast’s Coffey sisters are set to be the internet’s newest obsession.

22-year-old Ellie-Jean Coffey and her 17-year-old sister Holly-Daze have racked up a plethora of followers on Instagram already.

They have 712k and 476k followers respectively (at the time of writing).

But what do they do and why should you follow them? Kim was a stylist (lol, we had to dig real hard to come up with that) and Paris was an outstanding musician (as if this song isn’t a killer tune).

Well, the Coffey sisters are surfers!

In fact, it was the pairs bikini photos, complete with surfboards and beach settings, that helped shoot them into the spotlight.

Talking to breakfast television program Sunrise about the comparison of the sisters to the Kardashians, Ellie-Jean said: “We obviously can see why we’re compared because of the whole family unit.

“But, obviously we’re talented — and not fabulously wealthy.”

Clearly, Ellie-Jean hasn’t heard about Kim’s styling talents.

Like all good reality stars, the Coffey sisters have a few other picture perfect siblings: Bonnie-Lou, 13, Ruby-Lee, 16, and Jackson, 21. In our humble opinion, Jackson is the Rob Kardashian of the family.

He was cheated out of a hyphenated name in the same way that Rob was cheated out of a name starting with ‘K’.

Want to see more than an Instagram feed? The sisters are in talks with a US television network to get a reality series underway. Stay tuned!