Llama holds family hostage in reign of llama terror

When you think of scary animals, llamas probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But for one unlucky kid, a close encounter with a llams turned out to be a little too intense.

It all happened at a Safari park in Tennessee, where a family was videotaping themselves feeding llamas from the rolled down windows of the family car.

And for one of the kids, the fun outing was about to become the stuff of nightmares. But for everyone else, the kid’s abject terror was actually pretty damn hilarious. And although it’s easy to see why the kid was scared, I bet you can’t watch it happening without laughing at his predicament.

I guess llamas don’t really care who they offend.

As for the kid, don’t worry — he doesn’t seem too traumatized by the whole thing. The family released another video a few days later, in which the kid can be seen basking in the glory of his newfound internet fame.

We live in a time when a llama stealing food from a kid can somehow lead to that same kid releasing a followup video a few days later, in response to the popularity of footage of his own traumatic experience. The internet is a weird place.

Another weird thing about the internet: llama slapstick isn’t just an isolated incident, but rather a whole genre of videos. And if you can’t get enough llama slapstick in your life, here’s another video of different kid getting traumatized one.


Again, llamas really just don’t give a fuck about anything, it seems.