Aussie brewery draws flak after making special beer for the Bible Society

Knowingly or unknowingly, Cooper’s brewery has placed itself at the centre of a PR apocalypse.

The South Australian brewer, whose pale ale is a mainstay at most Australian beer taps, aligned itself with the Bible Society for a promotional edition light beer.

The beer was then used as a prop by the Christian group in a debate video, which made light of the issue of marriage equality.

The Bible Society’s conservative and overt condemnation of abortion and same-sex marriage left a bad taste in the mouths of Cooper’s consumers. Social media immediately reacted by questioning the brand’s commitment to equality and its position on homophobia.

Large numbers boycotted the ales and many bars removed their beers from taps and/or donated proceeds from sales to non-profits trying to progress in the abortion and same-sex marriage sphere.

The flashback from the campaign has been dire for the beer co. So much so that some of its senior executives felt the need to make this Johnny Depp, Pistol and Boo, hostage-style apology video.

During the footage, the company says that it’s “deeply sorry” and supports gay marriage.

The company has also removed its support for the Bible Society whom it claims released the video without Cooper’s consultation or approval. Whether this response will be stomached by beer aficionados remains to be seen.