This Aussie teen wrestled a giant croc to impress a girl, he lost

Some men will stop at nothing to impress women. Case in point: the guy who just got attacked by a crocodile, all because he wanted to show off for a girl he’d just met.

I seriously hope this paid off for him. Because he really took a beating from that croc. Whether stupid or brave, 18 year-old Lee Depaauw almost certainly left a lasting impression on the girl he was trying to impress.

Depaauw was at a hostel in Innisfail, trying to impress a 24 year-old British backpacker names Sophie Paterson, when he started bragging that he could swim in the nearby Johnstone River.

He admits that he’d had “about ten cups of goon” before embarking on his fateful swim.

Depaauw, who recovered in a Cairns hospital, said that he could swim in the river safely, because locals like him are less likely to be attacked than, say, backpackers. But that claim might have been a tactical error on his part, because no sooner had he hit the water than he was attacked by a crocodile.

When interviewed in hospital, Depaauw seemed to have no regrets about risking his life to impress the slightly older tourist, claiming he’d managed to get a movie date out of the incident, and that she was “beautiful, caring, and kind”, as seen here:

But it’s not clear whether things worked out as well as predicted once he was out of hospital, and in this later interview he seems reluctant to talk about Paterson anymore. When asked “why is she so special?”, Depaauw replied: “She’s not really, just another girl.”

Ouch. I guess the croc attack was all for nothing then.

Depaauw seems like a good guy, and hopefully he learned his lesson. And to his credit, he has asked that the croc not be harmed.

Lay off the goon next time. And steer clear of hostels.

Via Huffington Post