Featured Image for Man makes fabulous tiny hats for a toad that visits his porch every night

Man makes fabulous tiny hats for a toad that visits his porch every night

If you like toads and hats then you’ve come to the right place. 43-year-old Chris Newsome from Alabama is visited on his porch every single night by the same toad.

So of course, Newsome took the logical next step and began fashioning a series of tiny hats for his new little toad friend to sport on his trips to the porch. He used foam paper and glue, and it only took him five minutes to make a miniature headpiece.

A toad with a hat

Newsome’s first creation was a simple pink hat, then topped it with a monocle and feather for a complete dapper look. A few nights later, he added a snapback and a cowboy hat (complete with a lasso) to the collection.

A toad with a hat

A toad with a hat

According to Newsome, he started making the adorable headwear to cheer up a friend’s son, who recently lost his pet toad.

“He asked me if Mr. Toad was still coming to visit me every night, so to make him feel better I sent him a photo to show that Mr. Toad was alive and well,” Newsome told BuzzFeed News.

His dog, however, was not amused.

A dog wearing a hat

The milliner has documented his hat creation process on Imgur, where it has received more than 1.1 million views. To keep everyone updated on the toad fashion, he’s even started a Twitter account.

“Hopefully, the toad will return this season, and I’ll make sure to make some new hats,” added Newsome.

Look honestly, it’s kind of impossible to not enjoy a toad wearing a pink top hat and monocle. Hats off to you Chris!

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