Good dog just doesn’t care if he sucks at obstacle courses

He may have lost the competition, but he surely won our hearts!

Olly, an enthusiastic Jack Russell terrier, recently made headlines (for all the silly reasons) at the 2017 Crufts dog show in Birmingham, UK. The video above shows the adorable pup failing in different obstacles, including wiping out and face-planting after he stumbled on one of the bars.

Now worries, though! The crowd, as well as the commentator, was mighty pleased with the happy-go-lucky dog. Olly might not have been great at following instructions, but he was a master at showing a positive, never-say-die attitude!

May we all have the energy and heart of Olly whenever we run (or should I say, face-plant) into humiliating situations. Good boy, Olly. Good boy!

Via Pop Sugar