Architect transforms old cement factory into a Hollywood-style mansion

Trash can really turn into treasure in the right hands. 77-year-old Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill comes from a family of builders, and has enjoyed a long illustrious career for most of his life.

It was probably no coincidence then that he had to be the one to come across this run-down cement factory in 1973.

After seeing its potential, he acquired it – no doubt at a steal. Over four decades later, the passion project has blossomed incredibly, and the results are clearly visible in these photos.

La fábrica, as the mansion is aptly called, sits just outside of Barcelona. Bofill has family members calling it home, and it also serves his team with a studio. One look at these photos and you can imagine what this early 20th century structure may have looked like when they first found it – probably like a villain’s lair in a post-apocalyptic Hollywood blockbuster.

Today, La fábrica is adorned beautifully by patches of grass, and a variety of trees including palm, olive, and eucalyptus. Its blemished walls, worn well by time, now interspersed with natural beauty. The project remains unfinished, and perhaps it’ll keep on going long after he’s gone, a metaphor for the creative process he has committed his life to.

The spacious interiors, high ceilings, and preserved elements of the old cement factory make the place look like a kind of time capsule – a tribute, if you will, to what once was and the limitlessness of what it can become. The aura of holiness is not unlike that of a cathedral, except that they may give the impression of completion.

Instead, it reminds us that there’s so much more one can add to this place.

As Bofill once wrote, “Life goes on here in a continuous sequence.”

Below are a few photos showing some interesting angles, but be sure to click the Bored Panda link at the bottom for more shots of La Fábrica.

To see more of Ricardo Bofill’s work, visit his website.