Train sends wall of snow crashing down on New York commuters

The next time you’re stuck in traffic, or waiting for a late bus, remember: it could be worse. A lot worse.

That was the lesson learned by some unfortunate commuters in Rhinecliff, New York, who were waiting to take their regular Amtrak train into the city after a heavy snowfall.

As the footage shows, the good people of Rhinecliff got their workday commute off to a very rough start:

It’s hard to know what these people were thinking, especially the lady who seems to be just standing there by the track, either checking her messages or preparing to film the approaching train, while other passengers sensibly back away from the track in anticipation.

The reward for her foolishness: a nice big faceful. Really more like a bodyful of snow. Actually, it looks like she might even have been knocked over completely. But it’s hard to tell. You know, because of all the snow.

For those of you who’ve never dealt with snow very much in real life, rest assured: this is a painful thing to have happen to you.

Not only will these people have very cold snow all down their shirts, they’ll also feel a very bad sting on any exposed skin, from all the sharp little snow crystals hitting them with such force. They might even have red faces for a day or two.

And unless they had time to get home first and change their clothes, they definitely showed up at the office with some damp clothes.

But hey, at least they got to be on TV. Right?

Don’t be like these people. Here’s a rule of thumb that will take you far in life: stay well out of the way of giant walls of fast-moving snow. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.