Featured Image for This ‘cleavage closet’ was made to prove a point about body ideals

This ‘cleavage closet’ was made to prove a point about body ideals

Brooklyn-based cabinetmaker and designer Benjamin Nordsmark has built a piece of furniture, which at first glance, looks like it has… uhhm… a pair of boobs.

Called the Cleavage Closet, it’s pretty much like any other closet – except it has a gap in the middle that gives a peek of what’s inside. And what’s inside is a woman with her breasts pressed against the opening. Or so it seems.

Once you open it up, the woman is actually just a mannequin, and the breasts a couple of silicon implants covered with latex!

Inside the closet

According to Nordsmark, he made the Cleavage Closet in response to how society obsesses over perfect bodies.

“These days there is a high expectation to young girls, to have the perfect body which often includes big breasts,” he said.

“This could make some girls feel uncomfortable about their body and in some cases make them consider to have their breast enlarged with silicone implants.

“Therefore, I created the closet to illustrate the difference between seeing implants inside and outside of the body, and to show how strange it might feel to experience two implants in a different context by exposing the artificial materials.”

You could see more of Benjamin Nordsmark’s work on his website.