Ladies, you can now get makeup brushes that look like unicorn horns

We know, we know. The makeup you currently have is good but there’s something missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Look no further. Up until now, your makeup handles have not looked like fabulous unicorn horns!

Throughout history, unicorn horns have been credited with water purification properties, use in medicine, and use as an antivenom. Guess that foundation applicator can now be added to this esteemed list.

The crew at Tarte makeup have finally filled the gaping hole in the makeup-handles-that-look-like-mythological-creatures-horns market with the Magic Wands Brush Set.

It comes with five brushes and a palette of 10 metallic shadows, as well as some highlighters. The collection, which is completely vegan, will probably kill it with those who frequent wizard bars and enjoy cavorting freely in grassy meadows.

But before you get on your high horse, the brush kits have already sold out at some online vendors.

Tarte joins many others in hitching their wagon to the fantasy train that has mobilised unicorns to sell everything from toilet enhancements to motorbikes.

Disclaimer: Lost at E Minor assumes that no unicorns were harmed in the production of these cosmetic products.