This font changes shape as you type so it’ll always look its best

Artificial Intelligence is ever improving. Humans often cling to the human capacity for creativity as an exclusively human ability. A few years ago, this seemed to be true. Computer generated art and musical compilation still seemed inferior and disconnected.

Could this squiggly font represent a first step toward the machines invading the ‘human’ domain of creativity?

Futuracha is an open source font that has been downloaded, modified, and used by hundreds of thousands of creatives since it was released to the interwebs. You may recognise the font which has been implemented all over the place, from websites to tattoos.

Futuracha Pro

Now comes its successor, Futuracha Pro. It’s a fluid font that morphs and evolves in response to the letter order input by the user. Basically, it adjusts and readjusts every time you type something, ensuring that the letter designs always look beautiful typographically.

Futuracha Pro will also enable normal users to type in Futuracha using conventional keyboards (previously not possible)

Futuracha Pro

The original font was created by Greek graphic designer, Odysseas Galinos-Paparounis, in his 3rd year of design studies. He then went on to create the Pro version through his design studio, Høly.

The name Futuracha comes from the combination of ‘Futura’ and the Spanish word ‘cucaracha’ (meaning ‘cockroach’), because the ligatures on the font were inspired by the thorns and antennae on the insect’s feet.

“One could say that Futuracha is a sans-serif font that transformed into a serif one in a mood for exaggeration,” said Paparounis.


The font was crowdfunded through IndieGoGo and is set to be released this May.