Not much to see here, just a naked Parisian hiding on a roof (NSFW)

Hmm. I wonder why this naked man is hiding on a roof? There’s really only one explanation.

You might guess at first that he’s pulling a prank, or jumping out the window to escape a fire, or some other non-suspicious explanation.

But no: this man, captured on video in France, must be hiding naked on a roof for a much sketchier reason.

Just look at how and where he’s hiding: he is clearly unconcerned with whoever and however many people can see him from the street, even though he’s completely naked and in plain view.

He’s also crouching down to avoid being seen from the inside of the window he just hopped out of.

So maybe he’s just an inept burglar, fleeing the scene of the crime after being discovered? Not in that outfit, no.

Let’s face it: there’s only one explanation for his posture and state of undress. He was caught in flagrante delicto by his lover’s husband, and had the bright idea to escape through the window before the husband burst into the room.

Oh, and if you live in France, and that’s your apartment in the picture, it might be time to have a little chat with your spouse about visiting rules.

This is pretty good. And hilarious. But it’s nowhere near the best-ever nude rooftop escape.

No, that dubious title is still held by an unidentified hero in Jilin Province, China, who has reigned supreme as the most hilarious naked escape artist of all time, ever since he was photographed fleeing a police raid on a brothel in 2011. See for yourself:

naked man flees chinese brothel

a naked man flees from a Chinese brothel

a naked man flees a Chinese brothel

Now that’s how you make a dramatic naked rooftop exit. Clearly the French have some catching up to do.

Via The Mirror