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Auto company unveils world’s first fully electric bus

Tata Motors is beginning to look like our new favourite company. Thanks to them, we may soon see an environmentally friendly, fully electric public transportation system.

A bus is the first design by the company to be fully electric, with noiseless operation and the environmental tick of zero emissions. It is a breath of fresh air with its futuristic appearance – a movement away from the cliche of green and blue to denote environmental cleanliness.

The Ultra Electric Bus aimed to be physically attractive by being inspired by contemporary architecture and electronic gadgets. A combination of classy muted tones of grey and black and stripes of orange also decorate areas of the bus to add a unique, modern feel to the aesthetic.

“The purpose of the interior space was to provide a clean, calm and contemporary space,” says Tata designer Shashwath Bolar.

The space within an ordinary bus has been redesigned and reevaluated for the comfort of the passengers. Extra storage space has been included, as well as charging ports and wi-fi connectivity.

The bus is a brilliantly designed, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable change to our average public transport systems. Hopefully these buses will be in circulation within the next few years.


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