Tinder banned this complete tool for his racist, sexist comments

Tinder just swiped left on racism and misogyny. Recently, 24-year-old Nick Vedovi from San Francisco earned the ire of social media after screenshots of his racist, sexist texts to an Asian woman went public.

Story goes is that the man matched with the victim on Tinder over the weekend. They exchanged texts, but things took a bad turn when the woman took long to reply. This led Vedovi to criticise her, even calling the victim a “chink” and a “dumb c*nt.”

A screenshot of a text

A screenshot of a text

A screenshot of a text

A screenshot of a text

Kevin Tran, a common friend of the two, tried to intervene by calling out Vedovi on his rude behaviour.


“I met this guy in college and he seemed like a decent guy,” said Tran. “I called him out on it, he denied, and he proceeded to block me on all social media.”

It’s here that Tran posted the screenshots on Facebook.

“We don’t have to put up with this,” added Tran. “We have to protect each other by calling these people out, even/especially if they are your friend, and showing that this behaviour will not be tolerated and will never be acceptable.”

When the post went viral, other victims spoke up about getting harassed by Vedovi. A report by NextShark also revealed that the man was charged with raping two minors back in 2011.

And most recently, a lifetime ban from Tinder.

“Tinder has a zero-tolerance policy on disrespect,” said Rosette Pambakian, Tinder’s VP of Communications and Brand. “No racist rants. No sexist pigs. No trolling. No jerks who can’t get over their own inadequacies long enough to have a decent conversation with another person on Tinder.

“Why anyone would choose to go out into the world and spread hate I will never understand, but you do not have that choice on Tinder,” she added. “Hate is not an option and we will continue to fight it wherever it rears its ugly head.”

“You and your kind are not welcome in our world,” she concluded. “And we have the power to keep you out of it.”