Look at this snake vomit an entire antelope after swallowing it

I guess you could say that this python literally bit off more than it can chew – even though snakes don’t chew!

In the following video, a four-metre African rock python could be seen swallowing an antelope – AN ANTELOPE – whole before regurgitating it.

Jaco Kotze, a farmer in Groblersdal in South Africa, was walking around his property when he noticed the massive reptile feasting on the poor antelope. He called in snake catcher Arthur Roden, who initially tried to grab the python by the head to capture it.

The snake, however, wasn’t about to surrender so easily.

Sensing danger, the animal gave up on its meal and vomited it out, then tried to make a quick escape. The clip captures the mortifying moment the creature extends its mouth WIIIIDE open to spit out the antelope.

Kotze eventually caught the snake – which measured in at 12 feet – and released it in a safer, more remote location.

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