Featured Image for Heineken’s mind-blowing F1 ticket giveaway might just be the coolest promotion ever

Heineken’s mind-blowing F1 ticket giveaway might just be the coolest promotion ever

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It must be 2017 because even ticket giveaways are becoming crazy technological endeavours.

Ah, the humble ticket giveaway – it usually involves telling a brand why you want their thing in 25 words or less, but alas, times are not so simple anymore.

Heineken has changed the whole damn game with their interactive ticket dispensers for the 2017 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix.

It works like this:

1. Rock up to one of their high-tech, pop-up ticket outlets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth.
2. Approach the booth calmly and confidently. On the screen, you’ll be greeted by a Heineken hostess who has the power to send you to the best event in town (Heineken Saturday, in case you hadn’t heard).
3. Remain calm.
4. Even though she’s on a screen the doorwoman will be talking to you in real time via the magic of technology. She’ll ask you a series of simple questions and use her expert judgment to see if you’ve got the requisite conversation skills and banterbility (yes, that’s a word I just made up) to hold your own at awesome events like Heineken Saturday throughout the weekend.
5. If you manage to charm her, you’ll be given a VIP experience for you and 3 friends (Sydney, Brisbane or Perth) OR four general admission tickets (Melbourne) to Heineken Saturday at the F1 in Melbourne. HUGE.

In terms of ticket giveaways, this is definitely the coolest one we’ve ever seen. The panels are equipped with a monitor, microphone, speakers and 4G modems to allow video conferencing back to an off-site studio in Sydney.

The crew behind this whiz-bang tech are JCDecaux Australia. So we spoke to Ashley Taylor, their Innovate Project Executive, to find out more:

What were the biggest technological challenges executing on this project? And how were they overcome?

“The challenge is the noisy environment and getting the last bit of audio quality. We tested consumer-grade microphones but found we had to switch to studio quality microphones and pre-amps.

“We also couldn’t source a ticket dispenser off-the-shelf that would suit the ticket size, so we ended up modifying a unit – manufacturing all new shafts and chassis modifications.

“The project sounds simple enough but all the hardware adds up and space became very tight inside the panels.”

How have they worked overseas, and what can users expect when they engage with the dispensers in Melbourne?

“Overseas, these kinds of campaigns have worked extremely well, not only by surprising and rewarding people on site, but using Out of Home as a creative stage for shareable video content.

“Prime examples of this are Samsung’s All eyes on the S4, Pepsi Max’s Unbelievable Bus Shelter, The Great Escape and Fantastic Delites.

“The public who see and engage with this kind of campaign are suitably impressed or surprised, which translates extremely well into entertaining content.

“In this instance, passers-by can expect to be called out by the digital doorwoman and challenged to talk their way past her.”

Where can you see this technology evolving to?

“As technology improves, the opportunities to provide utility increases – such as charge bars in free-standing advertising panels, sunscreen dispensers on bus shelters at the beach or even information-based digital content, like local news or weather.”

These cool ticket dispensers will be popping up in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, so make sure you keep an eye out if you’re in those cities. If you’re in Melbourne, get yourself to Southern Cross Station on Wednesday March 15 and Saturday March 18 (5:30pm-8pm for both) to have a crack. For more information on where the panels will be located in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, visit the Heineken Facebook page. Good luck!

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