Watch these good people rescue a baby kangaroo from its dead mum’s pouch

Thanks to one helpful couple, a baby kangaroo – or joey – has a second chance at life after its mum was hit and killed by a car.

Matthew Drew and his wife Monique are from Brisbane, Australia. They both regularly look for sick or injured animals, and in late February, they did.

Seeing a kangaroo lying on the side of the road, they stopped immediately to see if they could help out. The following video shows their efforts in saving the joey.

“We pulled over as we wanted to check whether the mother was alive and if she had a joey in her pouch,” said Drew. “We found this young female.”

The joey was brought to a local vet where it is now making a speedy recovery. This is the Drews’ second rescue in six months, the previous also being a joey who is now growing up healthy and strong.

Joeys stay in their mum’s pouch for up to a year, using it for protection and transportation. However, in tragic events like this, joeys could survive outside their mum’s pouch, as long as the pouch’s conditions – such as warmth and milk supply – are replicated.

With around 30 to 50 million kangaroos in Australia, it’s not uncommon for these marsupials to figure in road accidents. In fact, they are responsible for nearly nine out of 10 road mishaps involving animals in Australia.

Via National Geographic