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This is what different horses look like from underneath

In his latest series, entitled Under-Horse, photographer Andrius Burba shows us that horses not only have powerful legs and fabulous manes, but they have rub-able bellies too!

The Lithuanian photographer previously captured the underbellies of cats, dogs, and bunnies. Now he’s set his lenses on horses. But while the smaller animals were photographed inside a studio, Burba had to make different arrangements for his bigger subjects.

“As I started to organize the photoshoot of a horse, I knew that all I needed is to get 600 kg horse on a glass, dig 3 meters into the ground, put my camera under a big glass, and take a shot,” he said.

The underbellies of horses

He’d eventually learn it wouldn’t be this easy.

The project took two months of planning, employing over 40 production people. In addition to digging a 10-foot-deep trench in a pasture and installing incredibly strong glass panels on top, the team also had to replace each horse’s steel shoes with rubber ones to avoid damaging the glass.

a horse from below

The crew also had to be patient with the animals, waiting for them to calm down and stay still. At times, they’d even bribe the horses with treats!

Other challenges were mud and dirt getting on the glass (which needed constant cleaning), stray reflections (which forced Burba to wear all-black down in the trench), and foggy weather conditions (which led the team to build a makeshift ventilation system).

The underbellies of horses

Only five of the original eight ‘models’ were captured (the other three horses were too spooked by the glass), but judging by these spectacular photos, the shoot was a success.

The underbellies of horses

With the Under-Horse series now wrapped up, Burba has plans of capturing the belly of a different beast: a tiger.

You can purchase limited edition prints from the project here. You can also see more of Burba’s work on his website.

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