Featured Image for These creative prints help tackle the ongoing problem of racism

These creative prints help tackle the ongoing problem of racism

The next weapon in the battle against intolerance and racism is a glass of cola.

The German company Ali Cola has launched a campaign to protest intolerance and racism.

The company started in response to former German politician Thilo Sarrazin’s claim that intelligence is genetic and that whites are superior to blacks. The remarks sparked controversy along with plenty of debate in Germany and elsewhere.

They also led – unintentionally, as the website states – to the creation of Ali Cola.

The company has started bottling cola in various ‘skin colours’ to promote tolerance. The bottles are packaged with the slogan “Different outside. Same inside.” And a hashtag #cheerstotolerance.

The cola is a metaphor for people all over the world. We appear different on the outside, but inside we are all the same. Therefore, each cola tastes exactly the same regardless of the six different shades available.

At a time when racial tensions are heightening, cola seems like a sweet way to remind us how similar we are.

Creative director Matthäus Frost has designed images to advertise the campaign which boasts controversial sayings like ‘Cola has always come in skin colours. Just not in yours.’

Hopefully this campaign is a step in the right direction for tolerance.