Featured Image for Chinese designer aspires to create Tron-like turbocharged flying vehicles for police officers

Chinese designer aspires to create Tron-like turbocharged flying vehicles for police officers

When Chinese traffic becomes too much, there’s always turbocharged, flying motorcycles to get you to work on time.

OK, well these Tron-like future machines are only a design at this point, but with any luck they’ll be on the market in no time.

Chao Zhang, a graduate from Coventry University, has designed this versatile, futuristic vehicle in an attempt to assist police in their emergency response times within the grid-locked city of Beijing.

This design was one of the highlights of the 2016 Transportation Design Degree show.

The vehicle has been designed for police in busy cities to assist in their response times.

It is comprised of three independent machines. There is a ‘Copcycle’ for the officer to operate from. Next there is a turbocharged ‘Aircraft’ and finally a ‘Robocycle’ which is basically a virtual partner for the officer in charge.

The ‘Copcycle’ has the aim of navigating traffic with agility to arrive on time. The ‘Aircraft’ can search the skies for suspects and victims. And the ‘Robocycle’ chases the fleeing suspect and seizes.

Stepping into an even more sci-fi world, the vehicles are all controlled by a virtual reality system in the helmet of the officer.

The vehicle has been badged ‘AMG’ due to Zhang’s respect for Mercedes Benz performance division.

The design may be designed for police officers to navigate congested cities, but the rest of us want to ride around pretending we are one of Charlie’s Angels.

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