Breaking the world finger-snapping record is both funny and amazing to watch

A Japanese man has broken the world record for most finger snaps in one minute – a feat that has everyone in awe and in stitches.

Last February on the Japanese TV show Tantei! Knightscoop, college student Satoyuki Fujimura set the new record by successfully snapping his fingers 296 times in a minute. That’s about five snaps per second, and 18 more snaps than the previous record held by Sweden’s Jen Gudmandsen!

But perhaps more interesting here is not the feat itself, but the manner it was done. With fame and glory on the line, Fujimura had to put his game face on, as well as do some intense gyrating and squatting, to keep up the snapping.

It gets incredibly funny if you turn down the volume and let your imagination go wild.

“This is me when I need to wait for the toilet,” said one YouTube commenter, while another said, ”Kinda funny that it looks like he’s in a threesome with two ghosts.”

Someone else added: “Is it me or does it look like he’s doing something else [the] way [he’s] bouncing up and down, semi-squatting with those facial reactions. Go hard or go home boy.”

Congratulations, Satoyuki! You made history – and you made our day!

Via Geekologie