Featured Image for These personalised teddies help police families affected by tragedy

These personalised teddies help police families affected by tragedy

Megan O’Grady from Florida is not your typical 14-year-old young lady. Her father is a police officer, and she’s well aware of the risks his job involves.

When she was tasked to write an essay for school, she wrote about the sacrifice her father and their entire family makes.

Now Megan is spearheading ‘Blue Line Bears’, a simple effort with a massively heartfelt intention of creating mementos for family members left behind by police officers lost in the line of duty.

The bears are crafted from standard issue uniforms, personalised with the officer’s badge and stripes.

Today, Tomorrow, Always…..#PoliceLivesMatter

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“Because of my dad, I felt really bad for the children – I could relate,” she said. “I thought there has to be some way I can help.”

“And then I just thought of an idea that would reach out to them personally, and give them something that was a piece of their parent … so they can hold that every single night and think of them.”

The best part is that the bears aren’t just for children.

Johnny Brinson, who lost his mother Lt. Debra Clayton just this January 9th, was very grateful to receive one.

“Out of all the gifts I have received, this is one of the best,” said Brinson (pictured below with Megan).

“I always hugged her in her uniform – even before she went to work, while she was on duty. Because we were that close – we talked every day, every hour,” he added.

“Seeing this patch, feeling it again … I’m very thankful for it, to make it – it’s amazing. I love it. I really do.”

The project is rolling full steam ahead right now for Megan, who hopes she won’t have to make too many of these bears. But as the BBC report notes, 100-150 police officers die in the line of duty each year in the United States.

For more information on Blue Line Bears, connect with Megan’s team on Facebook.


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