Featured Image for Long Live the Queen: Japanese indie gem is getting a revamp!

Long Live the Queen: Japanese indie gem is getting a revamp!

Kickstarter has breathed life into Japanese franchise Long Live the Queen and will see the game receive a revamp.

Long Live the Queen is a Japanese board game released by Circle 3D6 in 2014.

The game is played by two and sees players enter a world where the queen has passed on and her two daughters fight for the right to the throne.

The game pits princesses Black Rose and White Rose against each other in an out and out battle for the throne. Each player must manipulate her supporters and use their abilities to dominate and/or humiliate the other princess into relinquishing their claim for the throne.

According to Board Game Freak, the game is played as follows. “Each princess is placed opposite the other, with five character tiles placed face down on either side. Beginning with the starting player, the game takes place in turns, during which a player rolls the dice to determine which position is activated, reveals or activates characters, then may reposition a tile. To win, a player must guide their Princess to victory, either by accumulating enough of each type of prestige or by causing the opposing Princess tile to be turned face down.”

A Kickstarter drive has already raised over $26,000 towards a reboot.

The game would be republished in two different forms – the classic and dieselpunk versions, both which would come with their different nuances.

For full information about the reboot, head to the Kickstarter page!

It’s good to see an old gem have new life breathed into it!