The future is here: company 3D-prints an entire house in just a day

What’s next? Skynet? In this brave new world of 3D-printed guns and cars, it was just a matter of time until the first 3D-printed house was built. Russian company Apis Cor unveiled their creation of an entire house using 3D-printing, and it was a thing of beauty.

The printer used a concrete mix and required minimal human assistance, apart from installing the roof and a few other placements.

The 3d-printing process

The 3d-printing process

The 38-square-meter abode netted a modest AUS$13,000 (US$9,800) production cost, and that’s including wall insulation, windows, and other finishings.

The interiors of the 3D-printed home

The interiors of the 3D-printed home

With all the conflict and movement of people the world faces today and will continue to face in the coming decades, how much of a difference can this technology make?

It’s exciting to think about how one day we could very well have entire neighborhoods of 3D-printed houses, providing not only shelter, but allowing countless families to live dignified lives.

A man painting the house

The roof

For more of Apis Cor’s work, visit their website.

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