Erm, a cinema with a jungle gym for noisy kids is a terrible idea

It’s hard enough already to sit through a film without getting bothered by rude and noisy movie-goers, but Mexican cinema company Cinepolis has found a way to make it even harder.

To the sound of rustling chips packets, open-mouth popcorn chewing, or incessant plot questions from your partner, you can now add the sound of bawling children on play equipment to your cinema experience.

At a price tag of half-a-million dollars per cinema, the company is trying out a concept in two California locations wherein theatres have jungle gyms. Each venue will feature slides, a pit ball, climbing structures, lounge chairs in front, and a play area complete with pogo stick rides and that merry-go-round spinning thing.

Disappointingly the cinema has had to place age and weight restrictions on the play area. So no, you won’t be allowed to fling yourself off the top of the fireman’s pole or re-enact some Jason Bourne hand-to-hand combat in the ball pit on a child.

This monstrosity is the brainchild of Cinepolis CEO Adrian Mijares Elizondo, who wants children to feel more “welcome” and “comfortable” at movie theatres. In his view, kids have felt rejected and uncomfortable at the movies up until this point.

But here’s some good news for parents: kids will only be allowed to play 20 minutes before the film begins. Once the screening begins, everyone has to sit down and keep quiet (hopefully).

The Cinepolis kiddy theatres are set to open in time for Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast on March 16.

Donald Trump is building a wall to prevent Mexicans entering the USA and Mexicans are building play equipment in USA cinemas, where is the love?