An artist put Trump quotes on sexist 1950s ads and the results are brilliant

Donald Trump’s misogyny is well documented.

In a Presidential debate last year, he said “nobody respects women more than I do”, which, if true, is a terrifying prospect.

But while there are plenty of *gross* Trumpisms on record, they haven’t ever been showcased quite like this.

Saint Hoax, a “pseudonymous Syrian artist, satirist and sociopolitical activist” (as described on his website), is known for manipulating images and icons to highlight ugly truths.

In this case, the ugly truth is that the current President of the United States is a rampant chauvinist.

By juxtaposing Trump’s words with 1950s memorabilia, Saint Hoax brilliantly highlights just how dated and backwards his worldview is.

Take a look a the series, cleverly titled, ‘Making America Misogynistic Again’ (All image credits to Saint Hoax):