Featured Image for This Instagram page of one woman’s life as a third wheel is priceless

This Instagram page of one woman’s life as a third wheel is priceless

If you are in a long-term loving relationship and can’t imagine life without your dear schnookums, stop reading now. The following contains nothing that you will be able to relate to.

For the rest of you well-balanced folks out there, who at one point or another have been the awkward third wheel, you have a new champion.

Taking the internet by storm under the moniker of Third Wheel Extravaganza is a girl with a well-practiced poker face. Her Instagram is one long joyride of third wheel experiences, with no situation too sacred for her scorn.

From weddings and engagement parties to sickeningly cute pregnant couples lounging on the sofa, this lady has suffered through it all with her priceless deadpan stare.

In fact, being the ultimate third wheel that she is, sometimes she looks so out of place that it’s almost as if she has photoshopped herself into the cute pics of unsuspecting couples.

Thankfully however, this is too good to be fake and so the unnamed genius has been elevated to the status of internet celebrity.

Now that we know being single is this much fun, who would ever want to be in a relationship ever again?

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