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People are now drinking coffee made from mushrooms. Yikes

I’m prepared to put up with a lot, in fact I think I’m at the good end of the tolerance slider. But this is where I draw the line. Putting fungi in my morning cup of joe? No thank you!

When you hear ‘medicinal mushrooms’ your first thought probably isn’t your breakfast pick-me-up, but that’s exactly what sprang to mind when a group of Finnish fellas decided to quit their jobs and make the world a healthier place.

Four Sigmatic is the company producing a cuppa which claims to give the drinker all the kick of a regular cup of coffee without delivering all those less than ideal side effects like anxiety, sleeplessness and gut complications.

Trust the Scandinavians to come up with something that treads the border between madness and genius. You would be well within your rights to be sceptical at this stage, but apparently it’s not complete hocus pocus!

The mushrooms that go into the ‘world’s healthiest coffee’ are carefully selected from the natural environment as they are found in wild forests. The superfood ‘shrooms are then carefully dried and pulverised before being compounded with all-natural ingredients for flavouring and an added whoomph.

Other science stuff also happens throughout this process, but it’s beyond our humble brain power to detail it right here. Check out Four Sigmatic’s website if you want to learn more about the mushroom’s magical journey.

There is a variety of blends of mushroom coffee available, offering benefits such as increased productivity, lowered stress levels and improved regulation of blood sugar. Despite all this the jury remains out on whether this is going to be the next big thing.

You won’t find me drinking it, that’s for sure.

Finally, if you’re sick of the ever-increasing trend of hipster coffee alternatives, check out this hilarious video from McDonalds UK.

People are now drinking coffee made from mushrooms.

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