Featured Image for Guy pimps Pokemon cards with perfect paint job

Guy pimps Pokemon cards with perfect paint job

If you’re a Pokemon cards fan, I bet you thought the game couldn’t get any better. Think again!

This artist has done the unthinkable! He has managed to improve Pokemon cards, the thing that made most of our childhoods liveable in the first place.

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Artist Lunumbra takes the images on the cards and turns them into masterpieces by painting over the section which usually details their moves.

Watch the video below to see how he does it.

Lunumbra is obviously a big fan of every kid’s favourite trading card game as he refuses to paint rare cards – he believes it deteriorates their value. Apparently, according to Lunumbra, you don’t gotta paint ’em all.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, it’s definitely worth heading over to his Facebook page to take a look at his magnificent work.

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Base Pikachu extended art done by Lunumbra of Facebook #pikachu #pikachutcg #Jumbo #pikachucard #pokemon #pokemontcg #pokemoncard #collection #art #lunumbra #extendedart

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I think you’ll agree, Lunumbra is the only man ever to successfully improve upon original Pokemon perfection!

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