Yep, the most Aussie bloke EVER shooed away a pesky Great White Shark using just a broom

The world stands in awe of this true Australian hero. Dan Hoey, Australia’s new ‘Number One Mad-Dog’, has continued a long history of Aussies shocking outsiders by giving absolutely no stuffs about sharks.

Mick Fanning famously punched a nosey shark on the schnoz when it got too close to the world champion surfer at the J-Bay Open.

But Hoey has kicked up the ‘Straya level a notch by using a different weapon of choice:

The humble broom.

Hoey is the owner and operator of Salty Dog Charters in Port Fairy, and got the shock of his life when he took his good mate Steve out on one of his boats:

A bloody enormous 5.5m great white started circling the boat and having a chomp,

“This big beast turned up and wouldn’t leave us alone,” he said.

“It nearly took a chunk out of my Yamaha motors, leaving a few small dents and scratches.”

So what does an Aussie do in this situation?

Grabs a broom and tells him to bugger off.

*Wipes single patriotic tear from eye*

It was the second close encounter with sharks to go viral in the past few months after a shark literally burst through a diving cage with a diver inside.

This post originally ran on Lost At E Minor in October 2017.