Aussies are shookt after finding out Americans don’t use kettles

As it turns out, strict gun laws and dangerous wildlife aren’t the only things that make Australia culturally different from America.

Aussie comedian Lucy Valentine recently made a shocking discovery about Americans: they don’t use electric kettles. While using the device in heating water is commonplace in Australia, it apparently isn’t in the USA.

I guess you could say this bit of news got everyone boiling over on Twitter.

Some couldn’t believe the savagery that is heating water using a microwave. Others thought Americans got the water boiling by doing what they do best.

The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the difference in voltage between households. While Australia and the UK use 240-volts of power, the US uses 120-volts, making it longer for Americans to boil their water.

Plus, they generally prefer coffee over tea, so most households have a standalone coffee machine rather than a standalone electric kettle.

Still no explanation, though, on why they have Donald Trump as their president.

Via The Huffington Post