Featured Image for This farmer put out one of the funniest, straight up job ads ever

This farmer put out one of the funniest, straight up job ads ever

While most employers want employees who are hardworking, punctual, and team-oriented, one Kiwi farmer wanted something else: someone who wears his pants around his arse, and not his knees.

Geoff Wallace, a cattle farmer from Canterbury in New Zealand, posted the frank advert in late February and it instantly went viral. The posting specified he was looking for a stockman who could feed bulls for 20 hours a week. It read:

“Must be a non-smoker, wear his hat with the peak to the front and be capable of wearing his pants around his arse not his knees. Also needs to be able to divorce himself from his phone for more than 2hrs at a time. This may turn into a permanent job.”

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He was also looking for a second worker, one who could pour 800 cubic metres of concrete.

According to Wallace, he hired young people before but they proved to be unreliable due to their obsession with social media. He currently employs four workers who are over 70 years old.

“With our business we run a lot of machinery and every machine we own has the capability of killing you,” he told The Project.

“We require staff members to be focused and have their mind on the job and not be of sloppy character. I need someone who can work unsupervised.”

Thanks to the ad’s unexpected popularity, Wallace was able to find some good prospects. “I expect we’ll have the job filled by the end of the week,” he said.

Via News.com.au