Featured Image for Redditors want more information about this photographer riding across Mongolia on horseback

Redditors want more information about this photographer riding across Mongolia on horseback

One Reddit user seems to have a pretty adventurous life by casually riding across Mongolia for three months with friends as if they were in a Country and Western.

Redditor sickfee49 posted a majestic photograph from his three-month horseback journey across Mongolia. However, the post was fairly elusive which prompted Reddit users to ask for more information.

One user commented: “Whoa whoa whoa… you can’t just drop a lead-in like that, one photo and then leave us hanging. There has to be some interesting stories and photos beyond just this.”

A man riding a horse

The traveling man then posted a little insight into the journey, saying that they were surviving primarily on rice and dried meats (a novelty) and oats. They fed their dog rice and occasionally went fishing to change up the tastes.

a dog lying down

They were also fortunate to be invited by the locals to dinner.

“When locals invited us into their ger for dinner is when things got really crackin,” he said. “They’d make us really great meals (not the best food in general but anything apart from our daily serving was a godsend).”

A man playing the guitar

Unfortunately, they purchased Chinese-made shelters from Ulaanbaatar, which had a tendency to leak. His sleeping bag also broke on the first day of their journey.

A man fishing

So they used the horse pads from underneath the saddles to form a makeshift bed at night. He also commented on the living situations being terribly dirty… to say the least:

“I used the blanket that went on our pack horse at night. Absolutely fucking filthy, horse sweat, dirt, and rain, but better than being cold in Siberia at night.”


Their journey is still ongoing and the mates are currently in South America.

Two horses

A man and his horse

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