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Female artists are sticking it to Trump with a feminist comic book

There’s been a lot of angst in the world since Donald Trump was elected as President of the USA *shudder*. Luckily, some feminists are taking a stand.

President Trump has in been in office for less than two months and has already pissed a bunch of people off. He’s thrown shade at Australia for its “dumb” immigration deal, taken his Mexican wall idea a bit far, and has even placed a “global gag rule” on government-funded organisations who deal with abortion.

However, there are feminist forces at work – a group of objectors who have launched a website and print publication called Resist! Its aim is to let women’s voices be heard through the medium of comics and illustrations. The site is edited by Françoise Mouly of The New Yorker, and writer Nadja Spiegelman.

The website is calling for submissions from ordinary women who want to speak out about things like Trump’s ridiculous policies.

Themes they suggest include:

  • No Hate, No Fear, Everyone is Welcome Here / “Build the Wall”/ This land is your land, this land is my land / Black Lives Matter
  • My Body, My Choice— “If you think I’m a nasty woman, wait till I raise my daughter” / Abortion / Gay rights
  • It’s the Economy, Stupid: The billionaire hero of the working class / Equal pay / “Lock him up!” (Trump’s business dealings)
  • The War on Science: Vaccines cause autism / Global Warming is a hoax by China.

    Resist art - Becca Case

    Image courtesy Becca Case

Resist! art Georgia Koch

Image courtesy Georgia Koch

Resist! is starting a revolution to unite women – and all feminists – against Trump. Mouly believes that ultimately, women will be Trump’s downfall. Women have worked too hard for equality to be undermined and beaten back now.

They publish images on their Tumblr daily and put them into print as well. They’ve already released the first collection of submissions, and the second will likely be printed in the American summer.

Resist! art April Tonin

Image courtesy April Tonin

Resist! art Georgia Koch
Resist art - Becca Case
Resist! art April Tonin

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