Featured Image for BitchCoin is the new currency in the art world

BitchCoin is the new currency in the art world

Artist Sarah Meyohas is changing the way we view the ownership of artwork.

Imagine being able to invest in an artist’s work that doesn’t even exist yet – and on top of that, be able to reap the rewards of the fluctuating value of this hypothetical work.

Sarah Meyohas has launched her new online currency, BitchCoin, which essentially allows people to invest in her as an artist rather than her physical works.

One BitchCoin is worth $100, and it purchases 25 square inches of one of Meyohas’s prints. BitchCoin works the same way as any mainstream currency, and can be converted back into a more conventional currency at any time.

However, the currency isn’t tied directly to a specific work and therefore individuals can own works that haven’t even been created or thought of yet.

It’s a revolutionary concept that could well change the way artists market and sell their work.

So well done Sarah, although perhaps you could have named it more liberally.

Via Juxtapoz Magazine

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