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The new trend for Aussie kids? Flying like a boss in primo seats

It’s not so bad being a kid in 2016. Sure you’re going to have to deal with the full consequences of climate change, and you’re basically going to have to rent for your entire adult life because you’ve been priced out of the property market since birth, BUT at least you get to ride in that sweet, sweet lux when you take to the skies.

Back in my day (and as I write that phrase, the penny finally drops that I’m officially old), flying meant hours being crammed into a tiny, rock-hard chair seemingly deliberately designed to be as hostile to the human spine as possible.

(The plus side was that on occasion a super chill pilot might let you ride up front in the cockpit if you were cute enough.)

But now it turns out that flying is no longer an agonising, character-building ordeal for kids – rather, it’s a luxurious, five-star experience fit for a king.

(Or in this case, a boy king…like those Egyptian pharaohs. They couldn’t fly, obviously, but they could build some pretty damn impressive pyramids…but I digress.)

The number of Aussie kids flying in Premium Economy and above in Cathay Pacific flights has increased 29.2% year-on-year to September 2016.

Not only that, the little ankle-biters are leading the way globally. They feature in the top three to fly in First Class, top five for Business and top three for Premium Economy.

In Cathay Pacific’s Business Class, the little tikes getting big fluffy pillows and blankets provided but most importantly, they have seats with heaps more room (so big they convert to a fully flat bed), which means more room for activities.

Oh, to be a child again.

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