Featured Image for These videos let you piece together the #BagelGate legend

These videos let you piece together the #BagelGate legend

What exactly is #BagelGate? The legend has continued to grow in recent days as uncertainty surrounds the incident.

From what we can tell, this rowdy group of commuters definitely love their bagels – that’s the first thing we can take away. We also think there might have been alcohol involved, leading to a drunk schemozzle of fighting, laughing, confusion – and bagels.

It begins as one man throws a piece of bagel out of the train window – and at this point the fun and carefree vibe changes. No one understands why this guy would want to ruin the fun and throw the bagel away.

We then see a girl fight break out, and we’re not really sure why.

Things start to settle down until… MORE BAGELS!

A group of girls take a liking to the guy who previously disposed of the bagel out of the train window. They start putting bagels on his head, and the bagels just keep coming.

The whole carriage begins singing “he’s got a bagel on his head”, because why not make a song out of it?

He starts screaming profanities and has clearly had his fill of the bagel game. While this gentleman is unravelling, the rowdy girls start round two of their train fight.

Unsurprisingly, the internet loved this bagel battle and it went viral with the hashtag #BagelGate.