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The Japanese are wrapping themselves up like giant babies

Japan is always ahead of the game. Gaming, technology, and apparently stress management. Who needs human interaction to improve stress levels when you can be swaddled like a baby?

The new craze called otona maki, or adult wrapping has blown up since it was featured on a Japanese television show. It was created by midwife Nobuko Watanabe, who also created a maternity belt to assist in pelvic care. Yep, basically a belly bra.

She came up with adult wrapping to assist with the post-birth aches and pains mothers experience, particularly in their backs and hips.

The additional benefit of this experience is the emotional therapy. The idea is that babies feel safe and comfortable when swaddled, therefore adults should feel the same, right?

Adult swaddling works slightly differently to baby swaddling, but the concept is similar. Adults are wrapped in a sheet, commonly in a yoga position, then rocked side to side for around 20 minutes.

So, maybe a hammock would do the trick just as well?

Chiropractor Shiro Oba is sceptical. He spoke to Reuters and couldn’t see any benefits to the treatment saying, “I just can’t think of how people can benefit from this even as a form of reflexology or exercise.”

What do you think?


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